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Before you can attempt your practical driving test, you will need to take and pass your theory test. Whilst it may at first glance, look like the easier test, it’s split into two parts – a multiple choice test of 50 questions, and a hazard perception test and costs £30 to take each time! You need to pass both parts in order to move onto taking your practical test and gaining your full licence. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of your theory test, simply take into account these tips and hints to help you calm down, focus on the important things and pass your all-important theory test.


Actually book your theory test

Unfortunately, you won’t pass your theory test until you stop procrastinating and simply book it online. The 160 test centres across the country often fill up fast for every test slot, so booking early will help you get a date you want. To find your nearest test centre and book your theory test, simply visit the official government website.

When you’re booking your theory test, you’ll need to have both your provisional licence and your credit or debit card to pay the £30 fee.


Start reading up

The first half of your theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions from a possibility of over 1000. In order to pass, you’ll need to get at least 43 correct answers. The DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) sells a theory test handbook which includes everything you need to know, example questions and useful tips. Ensure you have plenty of time to revise with this book leading up to your theory test.


Start practicing your hazard spotting

The other part of your theory test, your hazard perception test, is just as important. It’s made up of a variety of video clips where you have to identify a number of driving hazards. There are a number of websites where you can practice your hazard perception, looking out for cyclists, effectively scanning the road and identifying distractions.


Put aside time to properly revise

At Weekly Crash Courses, we love nothing more than to get things accomplished in a short amount of time, but when it comes to your theory test, there are no substitutions for proper revision. You theory test will be made up of 50 questions from a possible 1000 or more. You need to be comfortable answering any question the test presents you with at random.

Try and get family and friends to quiz you, and remember when it comes to your theory test, you’ll have to answer your 50 questions in 57 minutes.


Try taking a mock test

If you think you’re ready for your theory test, try taking a mock test on the government-run Safe Driving for Life website, although it only has the multiple-choice part of the theory test. If you don’t do well in your mock theory test, you have up until three days before your theory test to reschedule. There’s nothing wrong with giving your test a rain check if you really don’t feel like you can pass it!



Once you’ve passed your theory test, you’ll be all set to start your intense practical driving course and test with Weekly Crash Courses. For more information, give us a call on 07788 973 538 or get in touch online today.

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Getting rid of your L plates will be one of the most monumental moments you experience in life. Of course, before you can do this you have to pass your driving test and you can make this easier by listening to sound expert advice from a DSA Approved Driving School. To help get you up to test standard as quickly as possible, we suggest you prepare for your driving lessons by doing the following.

Feel confident with your driving instructor

You need to have total confidence in the driving instructor you choose to teach you how to drive. If you can establish a strong bond with your instructor and feel at ease when they teach you during driving lessons, this is going to make things so much easier for you.  You’ll know if you like your instructor or not, and will also know if they are the ideal person to teach you how to drive. If you’re not feeling the chemistry for whatever reason, it might be a good idea to make a switch and this way, everything should click into place.

Listen and don’t take things personally

When you learn how to drive you are going to make mistakes, it’s how you respond to these errors that make you a better driver. There’s no point in dwelling on individual errors, just learn from them, and aim to improve so you don’t make the same mistakes twice. Your driving instructor is there to guide you and correct any slip-ups you might have behind the wheel, listen to them and be open to constructive advice.

Dress appropriately

Whilst you might think you look amazing as you learn to drive in seven-inch stilettos, are they really that comfortable? More importantly, are they safe to learn to drive in or could they be hazardous as you operate the individual foot pedals? Dress comfortably as a learner driver and wear appropriate footwear with a nice flat sole so you can feel what’s happening through your feet.

Be patient

Learning to drive is a gradual process, so don’t try to rush through your driving lessons. Sure, you’ll pass your test quicker if you take weekly crash courses, but take each day as it comes and gradually pick up the skills you need to become a competent driver. By adding to your skills and breaking the learning down into manageable chunks, you will soon reach test standards.  Your instructor will know when you are ready to take your test so listen to what they have to say and be guided by their advice.

Take a Pass Plus Course

Passing your driving test is a massive accomplishment but this is only the beginning of your journey. Once you acquire a full driving licence you gradually improve on the skills, experience and knowledge you need to become a confident driver. As a new driver, a Pass Plus Course will be useful as it helps to hone your driving skills in key areas such as motorway, city and rural driving. Pass Plus courses help to boost your confidence as a new driver and they’re just one of the options we provide for you here at Weekly Crash Courses Manchester.

For details of our weekly crash courses, or if you want more details about our Pass Plus Driving Courses in Manchester, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 07788973538 or email us at

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Looking for a driving instructor is both exciting and daunting, you’ll be spending good money on driving lessons so you’ll want to the find the perfect school of motoring you feel comfortable with.

With so many driving instructors in Manchester vying for your business, it makes sense to take your time as you plan to book driving lessons. By following this advice, you should have greater confidence when you take to the road for the first time.

Look for a DSA Approved Instructor

One of the first things to establish is whether a driving instructor is DSA approved or not. The Driving Standards Agency issues approved driving instructors with green octagonal badges which verify they are fully qualified as an advanced instructor. The green badge is usually displayed on the windscreen of the training vehicle. Look at the top right-hand corner for clarification and you should see it there, you’ll find one on all of our vehicles here at Weekly Crash Courses.

Choose Between a Large School or Independent Driving Instructor

When you search for driving schools you will notice there are large agencies and smaller, independent businesses that offer one-to-one driver tuition. Whichever option you choose, make sure you speak to your instructor in person before you book lessons so you can get a feel of how you might get along.  It’s important you feel totally comfortable with your driving instructor as you will be spending a great deal of time together in the car, so it’s imperative you both feel at ease with each other.

Listen to Recommendations

It’s always useful if you know somebody that has received driver training from an ADI instructor and sings their praises afterwards. Driving instructors rely on word of mouth recommendations from past pupils. The best ones have no shortage of testimonials. Listen to feedback from friends and family members and look for testimonials from satisfied customers that tell you this is a first-class driving school.

Establish What to Expect From Your Driving Instructor

There are certain qualities you should expect as standard from your driving instructor. Politeness, punctuality and having clear lesson plans are just some of the criteria you would expect them to meet. A clean, well-presented car would also help, maintained to the best possible standards. And a cheery disposition wouldn’t be unwelcome either. It’d be nice if they made you feel relaxed. Flexibility with regards to lesson times can also be a crucial part of choosing a driving instructor. Ask if they can provide you with lessons early morning, in the evening, or at the weekend if this is the only time you have free.

Above everything else, it’s important you both have realistic expectations when you are choosing an ADI approved instructor.

At Weekly Crash Courses Manchester we have the skills and the knowledge to provide you with structured driver training so you can be above test standard in the shortest possible time.

Give us a call to find out more and to book driving lessons in Manchester on 07788 973538. 

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