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You’ve passed your driving test! You’re now itching to get in the car, without your driving instructor, and drive away to your new found freedom – but reality hits, you don’t feel as confident as you perhaps thought. Many new drivers experience nerves for their first drive alone after passing their driving test. It’s normal, one day you’re not allowed on the roads, then one driving test later you’ve gained a little pink card (or it’s in the post) and you’re off into the big wide driving world, it’s a big change. We have compiled 7 rules and tips to help you be prepared for that first solo drive:

No friends

Something you may be itching to do but is usually the best, and most frequently given, advice for a first-time driver. Having friends in the car for the first drive after passing your driving test can be a huge distraction, whether it’s simply through creating noise, friends egging you on, or you (subconsciously) wanting to show off your skills – you could be easily pushed out of your comfort zone. Your first drive alone has to be just that; alone. Take a few laps around some small roads until you feel really comfortable before picking up your friends.

No phone (or music)

Again, another dull rule, but your phone and music can be just as distracting. The first drive after your driving test is always eerily silent on your own but you need all your concentration to build confidence, then you can blast out music to your heart’s content. However, never using your phone when driving is a rule you have to adopt.

Trust yourself

The biggest tip to remember is that you deserve it; you earned the ability to drive and worked hard for it through hours of driving lessons – so keep that confidence.

More experience – Pass Plus

If you really don’t feel confident enough then courses like Pass Plus are available to give you that little bit more experience, practice makes perfect. At Weekly Crash Courses Manchester, we offer Plus Pass courses which are designed to help new drivers deal with the demands of modern driving with the safety of a driving instructor, not only does this give you more knowledge after passing your driving test, but you can also benefit from lower car insurance as Plus Pass provides you with discounts to most insurance companies.

Ignore other drivers

Even though you’re supposed to be the least experienced on the road, you would (and will) be surprised at how bad other drivers can be. Never be influenced by bad or aggressive drivers and try to remember everything you learned from your driving lessons.

Make others aware

Although ‘P plates’ may be the last thing you’re thinking of after passing, they can provide comfort for you and a signal for others to (hopefully) respect that you’ve just passed your driving test.

Familiar roads

Don’t try to plan your first adventure on the day you pass your driving test. Take it easy and aim to drive somewhere nearby like your local supermarket – take baby steps until you feel comfortable and avoid busy roads and motorways.

If you’re still hoping to pass your driving test, and want to pass fast, you can trust our week intensive driving course in Manchester at Weekly Crash Courses to get you on the road in no time, check out our services and start your driving journey.

Get in touch

If you need any more information on our intensive driving courses in Manchester, or if you’ve passed and want to invest in our Pass Plus course, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 07788 973 538. You can also contact us online or by email at for a prompt response on our week crash course and driving lessons in Manchester.

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