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Congratulations, you have your license and can now drive solo when you like. You’ve done exceptionally well to pass your test but the actual process of gaining driving experience starts right here, and it wouldn’t do any harm to book a pass plus test.  Statistically, young drivers under the age of 25 are most likely to be involved in an accident during their first year of driving. Get more training now and you can prevent this from happening, by learning some essential skills.

What exactly is the Pass Plus course?

Pass your test and it takes a while to become a confident and experienced driver. There are many principles of driving you won’t be used to, such as motorway driving or driving in bad weather for example. The Pass Plus Test is a specialist 6-hour course that addresses some of these issues. Book a course of this nature and you will be introduced to brand new driving experiences in a safe environment with a professional instructor sat beside you.

How does it work?

Pass Plus driving is a practical course designed to improve your skills and help you drive more safely.  You can arrange this through your ADI approved driving instructor and ideally, take it as soon as possible after passing your test.  The training takes at least 6 hours to complete and during that time you will be involved in a number of practical sessions. There is no test as such at the end of the course, but you will be assessed, and have to reach the required standard for all modules.

What types of modules does the course cover?

In total there are 6 elements to the Pass Plus course to raise awareness and build your confidence as you tackle different types of driving. Some of this driving will be alien to you and you might not have experienced this during your normal driving lessons. The types of modules include:

  • Town Driving
  • Bad Weather
  • Rural Roads
  • Night Driving
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Motorways

Pass Plus introduces you to all of these conditions, and at the end of the course, you will have a greater awareness of each principle in question.

What are the benefits?

After you have successfully passed this course you should feel more confident and have a greater awareness of driving in different types of conditions. The other massive benefit of passing a Pass Plus course is the chance to lower your car insurance. You can apply for a certificate which shows you have completed the course and present this to your insurer to see if they offer discounts. Not all insurers do, but it’s worth shopping around to find a company that does if you want to make savings on costly insurance.

Seriously, if you have just passed your test and want to gain experience, feel confident and make the cost of driving cheaper, a Pass Plus course could be perfect for you.

You can find out more about this here at Weekly Crash Courses and book driver training today. Simply contact us or call Andy today on 07788 973538.

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