Are you eager to get on the road and discover the freedom of driving? Fast-track driving lessons are a great way of building your confidence quickly and teaching you all of the necessary skills to ensure you pass your driving test. We offer one-on-one driving crash courses in Salford, Manchester, led by our experience driving instructor.

Whether you want to build your confidence before taking your test or want to fast-track your progress and development, you need Weekly Crash Courses.

Our intensive driving courses are designed for people who have no driving experience whatsoever those who have difficulties in passing their driving test, and those who want to turbo-boost their progress from the very beginning. Our fast-pass driving lessons are designed to give you the best chance of passing your practical test within two weeks of your first lesson. You’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of driving in sleek and ready-for-action cars that will support your learning process all throughout.

We will focus on real-life driving rather than just simple stop-and-go. Manoeuvres, parking, roundabouts, and motorway driving are all included in our intensive driving courses to make sure you’re prepared for the reality of day-to-day driving.

Our crash courses are available in 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 40 hour packages, so you can receive the attention you need.

driving crash courses

Driving Theory Test Preparation in Salford

Our driving instructors are well-prepared, DSA-approved, and CRB-checked. As well as assisting you in passing your practical driving test with our hands-on teaching style, we also help you prepare for your theory test. If you’re struggling to pass or just haven’t considered it yet, our theory preparation will ensure you’re well on your way to passing first-time. We have a 6-hour training course that you can book, as well as free online theory training that you can follow in order to spruce up on the necessary driving information and fill in all the theoretical gaps you may have. 

Book our driving courses in Salford, Manchester to become a confident driver within just a few sessions.  Acquire new theoretical and practical skills, put your knowledge into practice, and enter your theory and practical tests with confidence. Our availability is limited due to popularity, so call Andy today on 07788 973538 or Contact Us online.