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How do you choose your driving instructor, or where to go for your driving lessons? When you’re seeking to gain independence and open up all of the possibilities and freedom of driving, you obviously want to pass as quickly and accurately as possible. When you’re choosing where to go for your driving lessons in Manchester, maybe you should be considering our driving crash courses… Here’s why.

More Cost-Effective

Regular driving lessons can be expensive – between £25 and £40 – just for an hour of your driving instructor’s time. When you consider how long it might take you to learn completely and be ready for your test, you could be looking at over a year of weekly payments. That’s a lot of money for a short amount of time each week, and it drags out a lot of the learning. When you take on intensive driving courses in Manchester, you actually pay less than you would to a weekly driving instructor, and the learning will be much more practical.

Hands-On Learning

Regular driving lessons might take their time actually getting you into some manouvres, dragging out their lessons to prolong your subscription to them. With Weekly Crash Courses, we take you into the practicalities of real-life driving much faster than regular driving lessons, because we believe the best way to learn is not to be told how to do it, but to be shown how to. We introduce our learner drivers to practical skills and useful knowledge early to ensure you learn the rules of the road in real-life yet safe scenarios.

More Fun!

Weekly Crash Courses’ driving lessons in Manchester are just more fun! We get you, the learner, involved early on to learn first-hand how to drive and stimulate you mentally. Regular driving lessons can be boring and tedious, especially if you feel ready to move on. We don’t keep our learners back, and once we know you’re ready to progress our instructors will be the first to challenge you with a new manouvre in a safe, motivating, and friendly scenario. Our intensive driving courses are fun and stimulating, and work to get you on the road quicker with all of the skills, knowledge, and practice you need to drive safely.

Driving Crash Courses in Manchester

If you want to learn how to drive quickly and cost-effectively, then speak to us at Weekly Crash Courses today. We offer driving crash courses in Manchester to get you on the road quicker without compromising the quality or safety of your driving. Call us today on 07788 973538 or enquire online.

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