All bookings are accepted on the strict understanding that the pupil has read,understood and accepted our terms and conditions.

1. A deposit is required at the time of booking,this is then deducted from the course fee,the full balance is payable on the 1st day of the course to the driving instructor,a receipt will then be given for all monies paid.if required. PLEASE SEE No 10 BELOW !!
We will also NEED TO SEE YOUR PROVISIONAL LICENCE ON THE 1ST DAY OF THE COURSE !! Otherwise cannot start the course !!
Once Booked you agree to all our terms and conditions !!
2.Each course is for the time booked only,no hours will be carried over to the next week unless agreed with the instructor.Extra hours can be booked if needed but for an extra hourly cost of £25 per hour.

3. Any hours that are cancelled at short notice or the pupil does not show up,then no refund will be given or offered.If the pupil cancels the course through their own decision for what ever reason whilst on the course then no refund will be given.However if for any reason the instructor cancels any hours then that time will be made up before the end of the course.If any extra hours outside of the course are booked and cancelled at short notice or missed by the pupil the tuition fee will still be charged for those hours.

4. You must attend each lesson on time and be in a fit state to drive,if your instructor feels you are unfit to drive then the hours for that day will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

5. We will provide the same instructor throughout the course,but if this is not possible through unforeseen circumstances we will either offer another instructor or the hours will be made up with the pupils consent.Also short breaks will be arranged as no pupil should drive for long periods.

6. Throughout the course the pupils progress will be assessed,if for reasons of safety to the public and our cars the instructor feels the pupil should not take the test,then we reserve the right to refuse the use of our cars for the test,and the test fee may not be refundable,the pupil can in this instance find alternative cars for a test .

7. No abusive behavior towards our instructors will be tolerated and all course fees will not be refunded in such an event.

8. We can only match a course to the pupils need based on the information we have been given,therefor no guarantees of a test pass can be given.

9. We cannot be held responsible for any traffic violations committed by the pupil.

10. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE !! ALTHOUGH a cooling off period of 14 days is allowed from the date of the deposit being taken,ONLY within this period will a refund be given BUT an admin fee of £60 will be charged and DEDUCTED from the deposit fee.A notice by E mail is required.If the pupil books and starts a course at short notice and is within the 7 days cooling off period,then the cooling off period is forfeited by the pupil and no refund will be given.In this situation the pupil will be notified of this at the time of booking.

11. You must pass the legal eye sight test before starting the course,the instructor will test this on the 1st day,if the pupil fails the eye sight test then no refund of the deposit will be given,if in any doubt please consult an option before the course is due to start.

12. If any damage is caused to the test car by a candidate during a driving test then the candidate is LIABLE for any repairs to the car, as the Instructor is not in the car during this time and is therefore unable to prevent this happening.

13. Once your course has completed and in the unfortunate event that the TEST has not been successful, we are under No Obligation to get any further cancellations for any future TEST dates .