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Whether you’re 17 or 37, taking your driving test is a stressful experience and less than half of us will pass our driving test the first time round. Quite often this is due to the same few mistakes that people make under stress, but here at Weekly Crash Courses, we’ll make you aware of these common faults to help you achieve your goal of passing your test quickly. The common faults usually fall under the categories of lack of accuracy, ineffective observation or general forgetfulness.

It can be intimidating having a driving examiner in the car with you, but by remembering these common mistakes, you’ll also make sure you don’t make them yourself.

Poor observation, especially at junctions

It’s all too easy to panic when you get to a junction and get out before you can make a mistake, but you need to make sure you take the time to check both directions and that the examiner knows you’ve taken the time to consider what you’re about to do.

You forgot to check your blind spots when reverse parking

Your examiner wants to see that you’re fully aware of your surroundings, not that you’ve moved your head around in an attempt to make it look as if you’ve checked your blind spots. By using your mirrors and keeping a careful eye on the areas you can’t see, as well as keeping an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists, you shouldn’t fall foul of this fault.

Using signals incorrectly

You’ll most likely fail your driving test if you give misleading signals, forget to give them or you don’t cancel them. Not only are signals extremely important, they’re an incredibly basic part of driving so you need to make using them and cancelling them an automatic habit.

Poor or incorrect positioning on the road

Whilst you don’t need to think too much about your position on the road, you still need to take note of it. If you’re displaying poor discipline at junctions and roundabouts, or you’re too far into the road, your examiner can mark it as a serious fault.

You drive at an inappropriate speed

Many people taking their driving test are so worried about going too fast and end up driving too slowly instead. Speed, and maintaining the correct speed, is essential for driving – no matter how nervous you are. Simply glance at your dashboard every so often and make sure your speed matches up with the speed limit of the area you’re driving through.


Here at Weekly Crash Courses, we’re specialists in helping you to get test-ready in just a week. For more information, simply give us a call on 07788 973 538 or get in touch online.


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