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To do a crash course in driving, or not to do a crash course in driving, that is the question. It isn’t quite Shakespeare, but still important nonetheless! Each year, thousands of UK residents get behind the wheel for the first time, in hopes that after some 20+ hours of lessons, they might be afforded the freedom of having a full UK driving licence. That number however, is declining. As providers of driving crash courses across Greater Manchester, we have seen an influx of learners looking to do an intensive driving course, rather than the traditional longer-term alternative.  In general, there seem to be some reservations, so we want to put your mind at ease by sharing the three reasons why taking a driving crash course in Manchester is the best decision you can make this year!

Unsurprisingly, a Driving Crash Course is Quicker

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of an intensive driving course in Manchester. An intensive driving course with Weekly Crash Courses in Manchester can see you pass within two weeks of your first ever lesson! For many people wanting to gain their full driving licence, a driving crash course is preferable since they can quickly – and safely – get their licence.

An Intensive Driving Course in Manchester is a Great Financial Decision

2017 saw record lows for the number of young people learning to drive. It wouldn’t be so surprising to learn that this was due in large part to the price of learning to drive and a limited supply of funds. Ordinarily, the cost of a driving crash course is considerably less than paying for individual lessons over a longer period of time.

Of course, it is always worth taking a bit of time to do your price comparison research, but be wary about simply picking the cheapest of the lot. Might it be the case that the cheapest provider of intensive driving courses in Manchester is not the most comprehensive or safe? Perhaps. At Weekly Crash Courses, we are confident that we provide a competitive price whilst affording you a thoroughly complete intense driving course.

You Won’t Suffer the “Refresh” with a Driving Crash Course in Manchester

Ask anyone who has learned to drive in the “conventional” way, and they will tell you that in the time between one driving lesson and the next, they forgot some of the basics. This is typical when a week or even a few days have passed and you haven’t been able to get in some practice. It is always a great benefit to have access to a car to do some practising with a friend or relative, but being able to prioritise the time with everything else going on is difficult. What it means is that you will use the first 20 minutes of each lesson getting used to being in the car again, going over the basics with your instructor rather than progressing onto the next skill. Taking up an intensive driving course in Manchester prevents the “refresh” period. Instead, each lesson will be dedicated to the progression and improvement of your driving skill set, therefore the lesson is far more efficient.

There you have it; three reasons to take to the internet or pick up your phone to book onto your driving crash course in Manchester. At Weekly Crash Courses, we have over 15 years’ experience in delivering comprehensive, friendly and safe intensive driving course in Manchester. Contact us today to discuss availability and pricing!

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