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Failure of a driving test can be due to several of reasons, some in your control and some that aren’t. However nerves just depend on the type of person you are. It’s normal to feel nervous, but if you’re properly prepared, then there’s no need to feel worried. However we all know this is easier said than done.

Before the test there is a few techniques, you can bring into your routine the day before and day of your test to help beat your nerves;

Think Positively

Positive thinking will enable you to believe in yourself. As soon as you wake up, get in the mindset that you will pass and continue to tell yourself this throughout the day. Thinking that you’re not ready will not help at all, it will increase your nerves and chances of making a mistake. Just remember you wouldn’t be taking the test if you weren’t good enough.

Eat and drink

From all the nerves you may have lost your appetite, however skipping meals will not give the brain fuel you need for your test. A full English breakfast could be a bit much, so just go for banana. However try and give yourself time to digest the food if you do decide to go for a bigger meal, so eating a few hours before is advised. Drinking plenty of water would also be encouraged as being dehydrated will decline your concentration levels.

Pretend it’s a lesson

As well as thinking positively, changing your mindset to think that this is just another lesson will help. It means that the pressure will be lifted and fewer mistakes will be made. The examiner just wants to see what you would normally do, everything that occurs in the test is nothing new.  If you are able to do this, it will help you panic less.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

You’re not rated on your dress sense in this test. Therefore, wear clothes that you feel most comfortable in, you’re going to be sitting in a car with one other person. They don’t care what your wearing, sweats, hoodies, trainers is doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfy.

Get a good night’s sleep

The night before the driving test clear your diary. Going out partying or watching Netflix all night is not ideal for your preparation. You to want to feel refreshed in the morning, so going for a relaxing bath followed by an early night gives you the best possibility of doing this.

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